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"....Show was amazing, I've learned a lot" 

By: DJ @ Joe's Movement Emporium (Strictly Gumboots) ~ June 16th 2019


"The programs were excellent today! The students and teachers were all engaged and were able to participate. The programs were very animated and full of energy and information". ~ ~ Thurgood Marshall Elementary School ~ February 28, 2019 


"...Engaging and Diverse the artistic presentations..."

By: DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) ~ October 29, 2015


The Jefferson School ~ March, 26, 2013

"Lesole's Dance Project just performed for the students and they were OUTSTANDING!! They were so professional by arriving an hour early. The dance group handled the students very well, especially when they needed to be quieted down. I think the best part was when some of our African students shook Lesole’s hand and thanked him for coming, one even from South Africa. I think these kids rarely see themselves in the school curriculum, and this was an extremely valuable experience for them. Teachers are telling me their students are still talking about it. Everyone at Key was so impressed with this group"

~ Treva Coates at Francis Scott Key Middle School 4/15/2010

"Teachers loved it! Educational! Good Dancers! Good Costume"

~ Ridgeview Middle School 2/20/2009


~ Maret School 12/5/2008

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"What a phenomenal show! My 11 years old son and myself attended Sunday afternoon and was quite surprised. We never heard of gumboots! The film snippets coupled with the live performance was mmmm mmm good. The dances were so authentic. Thank you for a culturally rich show"

By: Toni Shepard @ Joe's Movement Emporium (Strictly Gumboots) ~ June 16th 2019

"This was an outstanding performance. The Southwest staff and Administraters enjoyed this performance very much. The students also expressed verbally how much they learned and enjoyed the performance."

PTSA President ~ April 30, 2013

"“This is an amazing group of performers. They are keeping the roots and heritage strong reminding us of the stories, personality, and history dance carries with it through their movements and unique compositions”.

~ You Tube. Sep 27, 2012

"The students really enjoyed the magnificent performances of Lesole's Dance Project today. In addition to Black History Month, the performances held today fell on PTA Founders Day, February 17th. PTAs are a strong advocate for public education. We appreciate the history and culture represented, great presentation skills and relevant content brought to the students. We would love to have this group perform again!”;

By: Featherbed Lane Elementary School ~ 02/17/2012

".....Absolutely terrific, energetic and educational";

~ at The Country School


"Many parents commented on the excellent performance"

~ Jackson Road Elementary School 11/20/2009


"Excellent Performance"

~ Berlin Intermediate School 1/7/2009

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