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Strictly Gumboots 2019

Choreography & Directed: Baba Lesole "Nkanyezi" Z. Maine

Pictures & Video editing: Nathi Charles Mncube

Video recording: Jessica Emily Peasant Mncube

Voice/Narrator: Baba Lesole "Nkanyezi" Z. Maine

Bloopers: Tianna Lovelace


Uhambho “The Journey” 2012

Choreography: Lesole Z. Maine & Andile Ndlovu

Concept by: Hallie Stone

Music: Simphiwe Dana

Costume: Lesole Z. Maine & Andile Ndlovu

This work reflects on the choreographers journey, Lesole and Andile from the different parts of South Africa and find them self in the US and discovering how both there background is the some and how much they both have in common. 


Without A Home 2009

Choreography by: Lesole Maine

Music:  Ali Krayer, Amy Scheer, Erik Sharar, Annelisa Guries

This work explores, reflects and questions the issues of the homeless people out in the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa and here in the United States. What do we do when we see homeless people on the streets asking for money, sleeping in blankets on the concrete floor, talking to themselves? What has our government been able to do to rectify these issues of homelessness? What are we doing as individuals to eliminate these issues? Has there been a moment in your life when you were homeless? How have you avoided reaching the point of homelessness?


"Setso Sa Rona" (Our Culture) 2006

Music: Traditional Sotho Music recorded in South Africa By Anthony Caplan & Lesole Maine


Length: 15 Minutes

"Setso Sa Rona" showcase the cultural/rituals of Basotho. The focus of this work is to show the reflection of a young man coming from initiation school, and the games they play while on the mountains, where they learn the values of life.


"Board Meeting" 2005

Choreography by: Lesole Maine 

Music: Steve Reich

This work reflects on issues of every day life “Just fighting to get ahead in this world”, “Confronts this issue”. Take a look at the corporate world, watch the people in the office covertly fighting to get on top or to stay on top of the corporate ladder. The monotony bores you and irritates your spirit, but we get up and go to the same job day-in and day-out. What can we do to change our situation to explore our creative side? What is more important happiness or money?


Dancing Through South Africa 2003

Choreography by: Lesole Maine

Dancing Through South Africa is an integration of traditional and historical South African dance presented in an educational format. This high energy program is divided into 3 segments: Indlamu, Gumboots, and Pantsula.

Music: Live Drumming, Recorded Music

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