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EduDance was conceived and developed by dance anthropologist Sylvia Glasser in South Africa at Moving Into Dance Mophatong. The objective of Edudance in to enhance the learning experience by integrating dance with various school subjects, thereby exposing the students to a richer learning experience. The ultimate goal is to introduce students to a creative way of thinking, allowing them to express themselves through innovative movement. Students are encouraged to let their creativity come alive in the classroom.


Lesole’s Dance Project provides educational residencies nationally and internationally for students of all levels and abilities. Concepts taught will address life skills, movement to stimulate the physical, emotional and intellectual, self-expression, and creative thinking.


Edudance program fulfills many health requirements and addresses concepts that encourage coordination, music appreciation, and self-confidence. The Program strengthens the learning and understanding experience within the classrooms. Additionally, Edudance provide an opportunity for many students to perform in front of an audience, allowing their family, friends, and peers to witness their successes through movement. Most importantly, Edudance makes learning FUN.

We at Lesole’s Dance Project (LDP) believe that pride in one’s heritage is a vital component of positive self-esteem. Moreover, we believe that traditional South African dance is a powerful tool for building confidence, enhancing self-awareness, and developing pride in the cultural and individual identity of South African youth.

It is the goal of LDP’s International Arts in Education Program to instill confidence, self-respect and discipline in program participants through a traditional- and modern-dance training series. This goal will be achieved by reintroducing our youth to the richness and beauty of South African traditional dance in a rigorous yet fun learning environment.


Edudance offers exhilarating performances for K-12 schools, Colleges/Universities, Community Events and Professional Theaters. To book us or inquire about availability, email us at:

Performers are available throughout the US and internationally.  Let us bring that special spark to your occasion!

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